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Tube Rectifier Protection

8/15/2000 3:06 AM
Tube Rectifier Protection
Hey all,  
I'm running a "dual rectifier" setup... switchable between a (1) 5U4G and ss diodes. However There's 110 mics of capacitance on my B+ rail right after the rectifier, the max rated for the 5U4G is 40mf. I know I shouldn't be doing this, but I run my Mesa Dual Rectifier with 2 of the output tubes pulled and only 1 of the 2 5U4G's, I've been using that same 5U4G for about a year and it hasn't gone yet. Anyways, I wanted to here what anyone has to say about protection in case the rectifier fails or shorts (passing on high voltage AC into my B+ line, OPT, etc.) Could I put a diode in series with each leg of the high voltage secondary (AC) BEFORE it goes to the tube rectifier? Would this affect the sag / voltage drop of the 5U4G? What else could be done to protect any AC from reaching the HT rail? Any comments / suggestions would be really appreciated.  

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