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Re: Has anyone experienced...

8/11/2000 5:15 AM
Steve A.
Re: Has anyone experienced...
    This thread has been great because David Harris explained the bag of miniature "spark plugs" someone had sent to me... they are "two tier stand-off insulated terminals".  
    I'm always looking for a better way to do things and while the heat shrink wrapped grid stoppers aren't too bad for the preamp tubes, I've never been crazy about using them on power tubes! The regular two-lug terminal strips take up a lot of space in a chassis so those li'l "spark plugs" will sure come in handy!  
Steve Ahola  
P.S. While laziness may be the mother of invention, "not knowing better" is probably the father! While the grizzled experts will insist that something can't be done, someone will come along who doesn't know any better and damned if he won't make that idea work...   :(