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Re: Favourite Fender Master Volume Circuit

8/2/2000 6:31 AM
Steve A.
Re: Favourite Fender Master Volume Circuit
    I, too, am a firm believer in Murphy's Law... if anything can go wrong with a customer's amp, it will... ;)  
    As for the grid stoppers being soldered right to the tube socket pins, the alternative would be to drill a small hole in the chassis to add a two-lug terminal strip... right? Or are you able to mount it under a 4x40 screw securing the tube socket? I ask because some people may not want you to drill even a "teeny little" hole in their BF amp chassis...  
    Using shielded cable from the input jacks and mounting the grid stopper right at the tube sure helps to keep those RF gremlins out of your audio signal path... I've been adding a little hook to the resistor lead that goes to the tube socket so that it will stay in place even if the solder was to melt off, and then adding a few layers of heat shrink tubing over the resistor and cable end to keep everything well insulated. And when I'm done I'll usually use small cable ties to hold the properly dressed wiring in place. But I see your point about a Marshall amp that comes off the assembly line with the resistors hanging off the tube pinsó if they were to slip up and make a poor solder joint it could cause a lot of damage in the amp...  
    But I guess I really need to order some more of those 2 lug terminal strips because it is a pain in the neck to replace my grid stoppers with a different value... (Heat shrink tubing goes on a lot easier than it comes off!) And the grounded lug would be a good place to ground the shielded cable without having to add an extra ground to the board...  
Steve Ahola

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