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previous: Jay I have a 70w model Fender UL OT and... -- 7/27/2000 12:36 PM View Thread

Re: Fender UL OT

7/27/2000 5:52 PM
Re: Fender UL OT
I'd be extremely tempted to try it UL in a Route 66 or KT-45 clone. IIRC, Dr.Z's comments about Fender UL amps centered on the 6L6 being a completely inappropriate tube for UL. Someone called that era "The Output Power Arms Race." Roughly the same time as the Marshall Major(I think). Ted Nugent may also be partly responsible.  
Also, I can't imagine Ed Jahns spec'ing a POS transformer. Met him once.

Don Symes What tube would you (or Dr. Z) sugg... -- 7/27/2000 9:15 PM