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Re: Chassis Q's, how do you guys bend them?

7/22/2000 9:08 PM
Re: Chassis Q's, how do you guys bend them?
That's a good question Rich. I will be talking with a local shop on Monday and will place an order for one chassis to see how it comes out. I will talk with them about doing what you're asking about. They use a break machine from what I understand to bend the chassis. I was going to buy a whole sheet and bend it myself but would have to set up something just for that otherwise it won't be tight bends.  
I'll see what I can find out from this end. This first chassis for me will be used to experiment with a variety of circuits - whatever comes to mind and from reading other posts here. So it will probably never ever be put into a cab. But in the future I will have a more exact chassis made for the purpose of a complete amp. Like anything else in life, it seems the tiny details are more troublesome.  
Hopefully someone else will have some answers for what you're asking. Take care, T.B.

jrem It's called a brake. You can use a... -- 7/22/2000 9:32 PM