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Re: Aluminum Chassis Question?

7/22/2000 2:14 AM
Re: Aluminum Chassis Question?
I think the Hammond boxes are too thin. A friend of mine bought a steel chassis and we couldn't believe how flimsy it was. However, after he mounted the trannies and the board, etc., it stiffened up some.  
Also, I can get the local shop to build to suit. Not sure exactly what dimensions yet. I'll be using the chassis for prototyping initially. I will place an order for one Monday and see how it comes out. I wasn't able to get into details with the owner this morning as he was quite busy.  
I see Hoffman has a blank chassis similar to the one I described in my original post and he wants $60 for it.  
Thanks for all your replies thus far. Have a great weekend everyone! T.B.

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