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Re: 6550 SE Stereo

7/22/2000 2:07 AM
steve m.
Re: 6550 SE Stereo
Just FYI, I built a stereo power amp using the output section similar to a champ, half of a 6SL7 driving a 6V6 power tube. I wasn't really happy with the sound, it was way too thin, and lacked bottom. It may have been the OT, but I've used that OT in a champ style circuit and it sounded fine. I'm still trying to figure out what went wrong with that one.  
FWIW, I vote for the push/pull circuit, it is lighter, less expensive to build, and will likely sound pretty good. In fact, if you wanted to save some room in the chassis, you could use 6AQ5s or 6CM6s which have similar ratings to the 6V6 but have 7-pin and 9-pin mini bases respectively.  

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