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Aluminum Chassis Question?

7/21/2000 8:18 PM
Aluminum Chassis Question?
Hi -  
Today I stopped by a local sheetmetal shop and inquired about their aluminum. This is what I found out. A 4 X 10' sheet of .090 aluminum costs $87.00 + tax (7%).  
I could take that home and do whatever I'm capable of doing and it would be plenty for me to mess with. Right now I'm interested in experimenting, prototyping, etc., so aluminum would seem to be the logical choice for the ease of constructing an amp. Also it would remind me of my ole high school electronics class (1965).  
However, I asked the owner to price out an 18" long by 10" wide by 2" deep box. Believe that's with welded corners - have to double check on that. Anyway, the price is $23 and change with tax. BTW, I have a set of punches for the sockets so just want blank chassis.  
I figure for a .090 that's not a bad price and I'd probably order at least two for now. The dimensions I gave the shop were just approximations, have to decide on the final dimensions before placing the order. Any popular dimensions for prototyping? Or the final product.  
I'd be making SE and P-P amps not to exceed 50 or so watts, whatever I can get from two tubes max. I do want plenty of room for flexible preamp stages, line in/out etc, a variety of switching arrangements, maybe switching from 9 pin to octal preamp tubes also.  
Does the price seem fair for what I described? All opinions are welcome.  
Thanks, take care, T.B.

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