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Re: Lightning clone finished: ouch, high voltages!

7/21/2000 11:46 AM
Dave H.
Re: Lightning clone finished: ouch, high voltages!
I think you can get 5W zeners from Maplin. Another way to drop the voltage is to put a resistor in series with each plate of the rectifier tube. Thatís how itís done on the 2 x EL84 amp in my old Mullard book. If the new rectifier doesnít drop enough try adding the resistors. 100 to 220 ohm 5W should do it. Why are you building amps? Donít you get any free samples at TGM? :) I like TGM and it costs less than the other one with the CD.  

DCH Thanks a lot, Dave. That's another... -- 7/24/2000 11:44 AM