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Re: Lightning clone finished: ouch, high voltages!

7/21/2000 9:05 AM
Re: Lightning clone finished: ouch, high voltages!
Thanks Steve,  
That's extremely helpful. I might try the zeners eventually, but as you suggest I'll deinitely try the Sovtek 5Y3 first -- seems much simpler (how much simpler can it get!?!), less invasive, and a more "natural" sollution. Plus, as you point out, seems a shame to take that backwards step of trying to make a good PT less productive.  
I spoke to an excellent tube distributor over here in Britain, a guy named Derek Rocco who runs Watford Valves, and he is going to send me a Sovtek 5Y3 but also a pair of Sovtek branded military spec EL84s which he says he has burst-tested and run in to extremely high B+ and has even been supplying for a while to a guy who runs them at a constant 400v in an old hi-fi amp (forget the brand) with no problems whatsoever. These aren't the Sovtek EL84M, which he agress are pretty good, but another (I didn't write down the sub-code -- it's a 'P' or 'B' or something) which they made for a while and which he has bought about 2,000 of. He's confident that getting in a few of these could be a way of continuing to run the amp pretty hot.  
Derek's a great guy, by the way, for anyone in Europe looking for good, well-tested valves. I did a piece on him about a year ago (I'm editor of a UK publication called The Guitar Magazine -- I think it's in some larger US chains like Borders and Barnes & Noble) and visited his business, and he has developed some amazing custom-built testers, particularly interesting is a big rig for burn-in and burst-testing and matching EL84s, which was designed as a way of finding sturdy tubes for Brian May's hot-running AC30s and done by analysing what's going on in Brian's actual amps.  
Check out Derek's site at  
He gets a lot of good NOS stuff, but also does thorough testing to different grades of his Eastern European and Chinese valves to weed out the crap from what are otherwise some very good units.  
Sorry to ramble on, but just seemed a valid avenue to plug a guy doing great work over here. Thanks again.  

Dave H. I think you can get 5W zeners from ... -- 7/21/2000 11:46 AM