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Re: Lightning clone finished: ouch, high voltages!

7/20/2000 9:28 AM
Re: Lightning clone finished: ouch, high voltages!
Thanks guys --  
The chassis is still out of the cabinet (in fact, there IS no cab yet) so I might try linking in some of those zeners. There's plenty of room and easy access to get them between the PT CT and ground.  
1) How many should I use (eg to get the B+ down from 370 to 350)?  
2) Is there an approximate predictable voltage drop per-zener, or indeed is it 9.1v down per each you add on?  
3) I've never seen a zener in my life, but can order them from Mouser if there aren't any available here in the UK. BUT: is there a polarity to them, and if so, which direction do I mount them considering they're going to ground?  
I certainly like the idea of simply popping in a Sovtek 5Y3 and will definitely do that too, but it's nice to have the options. As a halfway house between the two, it's easy (for now!) to get those Mullard GZ37s at a good price, and I presume they're pretty sturdy rectifiers, so a zener or two plus that might be just right... but maybe I'm making it too confusing for myself.  
Well, thanks again.  

Steve A. Dave:  &n... -- 7/21/2000 2:09 AM