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previous: Gil Ayan q{Steve,I'm curious... -- 7/13/2000 6:07 PM View Thread

Re: Steve: ODS post & pre-OD tonecontrol?

7/13/2000 7:25 PM
Re: Steve: ODS post & pre-OD tonecontrol?
Hi Gil,  
I remember Steve posted a schematic of 'his' version with a (if I remember correctly) a Deluxe style Tone-control before the first part of V2. Can't find it on his site now.  
I know that the controls (watch that deep switch!) of the clean-ch. influence the OD-channel but I was thinking of a way to influence the OD-tone before OD-ing without having to change the clean-ch.'s settings...or I'm i getting on Sansamp-ground here ;-)  

Steve Ahola Gerben:  ... -- 7/14/2000 7:14 AM