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Re: Steve: ODS post & pre-OD tonecontrol?

7/13/2000 6:07 PM
Gil Ayan
Re: Steve: ODS post & pre-OD tonecontrol?
I'm curious: did you experiment with a post & pre-OD tonecontrol together?  
Steve's official spokesman here. :) Note that the preamp tone controls in those amps remain active in lead mode as well, unless you engage the preamp bosst (which bypasses the tone controls, using the treble cap only as coupling cap). So, you have both sets of controls available to you.  
Putting another set of tone controls before the overdrive, IMHO, would be pointless. Then, puttin the extra tone stack between overdrive stages could be done (the first Two Rock amps apparently did it this way), but I would venture to say that the steal away too much vauable gain at that point.  

Gerben Hi Gil,I remember S... -- 7/13/2000 7:25 PM