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Re: Weird Report, Steve... Re: humble clone

7/12/2000 5:10 AM
Steve Ahola
Re: Weird Report, Steve... Re: humble clone
    Glad to hear that you're back! So how was the trip?  
    On practically all of my amps I set the presence between 4 and 6 (out of 10- no Spinal Tap tricks for me!), but at those settings my D'Clone is a bit bright... The component values used are quite different from your typical Fender or Marshall circuit, but I really don't want to mess with them blindly. And I really don't want to mess up the great sounds I'm getting from the amp... :D  
    BTW I had been using a Mesa 4x10 alnico cab with all of my heads, but recently picked up a 3/4-closed MC90 cab from Mesa; with that cab I can raise the presence control settings up a notch or two. (Both cabs together is really nice!)  
    In any case, I was wondering about the electronics theory behind the presence control/NFBL so that I could screw around more scientifically... ;)   Like how does raising or lowering the value of the presence cap effect the sound? Ditto for the value of the presence control in series with that cap? And double-ditto for the parallel resistor that bypasses the presence cap and pot? (I've already figured out how raising the value of the NFB resistor will open up the sound, but haven't experimented yet with bypassing that resistor with caps for a different effect.)  
--Thanks to anyone who cares to answer these questions!  
Steve Ahola

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