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Weird Report, Steve... Re: humble clone

7/11/2000 3:50 PM
Gil Ayan
Weird Report, Steve... Re: humble clone
The presence control on many Humble clones is a bit weird... I just barely crack it open and it sounds like a "regular" pc set to 4 or 5... If I turn it up to 4 or 5 the sound is way too bright.  
The Dumble's presence control works like every other presence control (true presence control, that is) which uses a linear pot. That is, it does nothing until you hit the 1-2 o'clock position (so that's like 6 or 7 on a 1-10 scale) and it begins to breathe from there. The real amps do this, all three of my clones do this, Marshalls do this, Groove Tubes Soul-Os do this, etc.  
There are amps which are exceptions: MB MkI Reissue, because its presence control is simply a tone control with an audio pot dumping highs to ground; the Rivera-design Fenders, because they used reverse-audio pots in the presence positions.  
As for the amp being too bright with the presence cranked up... aren't all amps that way? They are to me; I like the presence when it's just cracked open. Anyone who's had a chance to see LC or RF with their amps will see that they set the presence control at about 1 o'clock or so, that is the threshold of where it begins to do anything at all.  

Steve Ahola Gil:  &nb... -- 7/12/2000 5:10 AM