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Re: ODS Skyliner Trimpot Settings

7/10/2000 7:53 PM
Gil Ayan
Re: ODS Skyliner Trimpot Settings
I think I almost agree with Dominik. Needless to say, it all depends upon the sound you're after. If you want the big Marshall sound, you will probably want to boost the bass and scoop some of the mids.  
I set my Skies so that the overdrive is similar to the other amp I have, which has no post overdrive tone controls. To get a smooth, singing sound out of the Sky, as Domink said, you have to turn the bass virtually off. Or, you could use a smaller bass pot (I use 1 Megs) and have better fine tuning. I barely crack the bass open, otherwise the sound is too boomy for me, and would require more mids and treble to balance.  
Then, I used to turn the midrange and treble way down, like 1/4 of the way up. The resulting sound is very smooth, probably too compressed too unless you turn the volume way up. But for playing at home it was great...  
Then I took my amps to band situations and found that they were *gulp* too smooth, if you can believe that. I went back home and ended up turning the midrange and treble up. Currently, they are both at about 1/2 way up; it may seem a little stiff at home, at lower volumes, but at higher volumes, everything "fixes itself" and you get improved note definition that way.  
I have had a great many amps over the years. All of them have sounded better when turned up louder, but for whatever reason, the Sky is even more so! Don't ask me why, but it really morphs into something different when it hits 90dBs. What seems to be excessive bass and lack of gain at lower volumes turns into just the right amount of gain and nice fatness when turned up loud. The other amp, withouth the extra tone controls is much more predictable; it sounds good al low volumes too.  
Hope this helps,  

Don Symes Gil,Got room for a ... -- 7/11/2000 1:25 PM