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Re: ODS Skyliner Trimpot Settings

7/10/2000 8:49 AM
DominikRe: ODS Skyliner Trimpot Settings
on my Skyliner clone I have the following settings:  
bass: barely on (this bass control is not very effective, rather it is on or off, maybe some different values could help here??)  
treble: 1/4 on  
mid: 1/2 on.  
I have seperate MVs for the clean and OD channel, and Steve is right that these are absouletly needed.  
For tubes I used either Sovtek 12AX7 or Ultron ECC83; but I found that the Ultron are much more pleasing to the ear.  
Best Regards,  

Gil Ayan I think I almost agree with Dominik... -- 7/10/2000 7:53 PM