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Re: Mesa "special requirement" power tubes - long

7/7/2000 1:00 AM
John StokesRe: Mesa "special requirement" power tubes - long
Come on guys, we've all been through this before. It's just the sales/marketing hype machine in high gear to sell their overpriced trash to the masses who are basically clueless about this kind of stuff. You get high profile guys like Randy Smith, Pittman, Torres and the like, spewing their crap, and the average Joe Schmoe doesn't know any better and gives them all his cash. It works, they make money.  
Randall, you of all people should have known better. Since the tubes are under warranty, have you tried to return them since they are obviously grossly mismatched? It would be interesting to hear what excuse the salesman has. I strongly suspect that Mesa EL84s are not matched at all.  
One thing that really gets me is when you go into a music shop and the salesman there, who doesn't know you from Adam, starts in with this load of crap and hype that you know is 110% bullshit, but he believes it to be true. If you try to contradict or correct him, he gets indignant and tells you that he is the professional and you don't know squat. At that point I can barely contain myself so I just leave.  
Very frustrating.  
There's a music shop down in Sacramento I was browsing in one afternoon. I noticed they were selling GT and Mesa tubes at full list price. for kicks, I asked the sales guy about them and why they were so expensive. The response was something like "GT and Mesa make the best tubes you can buy. All the Pros use them." At that point, after a long pause, I simply thanked him for his time and left the store. "Make"???!!!???  
Other than what I heard from Gil, every other Mesa amp I've ever heard sounded like crap.

Randall Aiken Yeah, I did know better, but it was... -- 7/7/2000 2:13 AM