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Re: hifi project with allied electronics interstage tranny

7/6/2000 6:11 PM
Ray Ivers
Re: hifi project with allied electronics interstage tranny
I printed your post out - want to chew on it a while. Cool! I'm really looking forward to what you come up with as far as the 6N1P's go. After seeing so much Fender/Marshall/Vox/Dumble circuit analysis (great amps all), your post was like a blast of fresh air design-wise.  
Instead of the paralleled connection, might I suggest a cathode follower 6N1P to the screen grid of the SV83? You would benefit from the CF's built-in DC NFB and isolation from any DC instability of the first 6N1P, but you would need another 6.3 volt floating winding for the CF's heater, I would think. DC feedback could also be used around the paralleled 6N1P's, as long as you didn't need the gain. As you can probably guess, I'd love to see the DC-coupling work, and work well.  
Definitely keep us posted. I've always thought that interstage transformers also have great possibilities in master-volume guitar amps.  

Stephen Conner hi KG,You must have... -- 7/6/2000 7:42 PM