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Re: Coping with the stray-field monster

7/5/2000 11:19 AM
Ray Ivers
Re: Coping with the stray-field monster
On page 4-16 of 'The Ultimate Tone' Volume 1, Kevin O'Connor recommends screening the inside of the amp box with steel mesh screen to minimize the radiation of stray fields. He says to cover the back panel as well as the remaining five interior panels of the box, making sure to have the screen section overlap and contact chassis ground. I've never done this, but I imagine it will improve your hum situation.  
On the other hand, if your amp is just a chassis... you could try shielding the transformer, but if your transformer is now INSIDE the chassis, it might be easier to just make a steel bottom panel for the chassis and see what that does; also, if the chassis has holes in it you might want to try covering them.  
And, of course, the best fix is humbucking pickups or EMG's, provided they give you the tone you want.  
Ray Ivers