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Coping with the stray-field monster

7/5/2000 9:14 AM
DominikCoping with the stray-field monster
Hi there,  
I have a problem with my Dumple preamp clone. I use an American Standard Fender Strat and I get some nasty stray-fields when I play next to the clone. The noise gets better when I move around some, but even at a distance of 3m I get those darn noises when in overdrive mode. The chassis is all-steel (3mm) and the tranny is situated inside the 19" chassis. The tranny has no shielding covers and it is bolted to the chassis by means of those star-shaped washers and security washers plus scre and nut. I have the same phenomenon when I use a different Strat. Switching to in-between pickup position helps a lot. The noise is the almost gone. I know that this problem is fairly normal. But I wonder what I could do to reduce the amount of background noise. The amp itself is almost noiseless when I use a CD-player for signal purposes. Seems like the tranny emits a strong electromagnetic field. Maybe I could shield the tranny with mu metal or aluminum??  
Grateful for any input on this!  
Best Regards,  

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