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Recessed Metal Handles from TCH

6/19/2000 12:32 AM
Recessed Metal Handles from TCH
Some time back I asked about metal handles for speaker cabinets. Someone pointed me at TCH, Inc. The website doesn't give enough info and I requested a catalog. Here go the details:  
500-209900 8.22"H x 6.88"W x 2.06"D metal handle, plastic dish -- similar to an EV cabinet I saw this morning, $5.59ea  
500-210900 9.1"H x 7.5"W x 2.5"D plastic, teardrop shape, $4.70ea  
500-232990 8.69"H x 6.38"W x 2.38"D all metal, $4.31ea  
500-235990 11"H x 6.38"W x 2.63"D all metal, $5.47ea  
orders: $10 surcharge for less than $50 order  
It looks like they have all the standard rubber feet , metal grille mat'l, parts for road cases.