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Re: Stromberg-Carlson P.A. (hamfest finds)

6/13/2000 12:11 AM
Ted Pimm
Re: Stromberg-Carlson P.A. (hamfest finds) I have it running. Small amount of hum. It has three big chicken knob volume controls, one small treble cut, one small bass cut, and one small phone volume control which bypasses the initial 6SJ7 inputs and goes directly into the 6SF7 mixer/preamp tube. I have rewired the early style mic inputs to 1/4" inputs and will probably rewire the dual-pole phone input to accept a 1/4" jack for "line-in" - it can be adjusted independently of the three inputs volumes. Plate volage 430, shared 250ohm cathode resistor. Sound is 'brown' She begins to break up around 5 on any of the three volume controls. Nice tone.

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