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Stromberg-Carlson P.A. (hamfest finds)

6/12/2000 2:18 PM
Ted Pimm
Stromberg-Carlson P.A. (hamfest finds)
Hello, just picked up a Canadian made S-C AU-33, (No. 33 amplifier). Looks like it's early 50's vintage. It has 3x6SJ7 preamp tubes (one for each mic input), one 6SF5 stage, 6N7 phase inverter, 5U4G, and 2 x 6L6G PP/cathode biased for output into OT with mulitple secondary impedence taps (4, 8, 15, 250,500 ohm). "Hammond" made transformers. $30 Canadian, including good looking Westinghouse NOS tubes.  
Can someone recommend a 6SJ7 preamp circuit that works nicely for guitar? I want to compare with the existing circuit?  
It hasn't been messed with, or used in a long time and I suppose I would like to keep it relatively un-hacked, yet would like to try it out for Guitar. It should sound pretty good the way it is, after restoring the PS e-lytics and melted waxy couplers.  
Should have bought the other 3 PA's that were at the hamfest too but I had already spent what I had! (bought a 666 Dyna Jet tube tester, and a Heath VTVM, along with a few radios too!)  

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