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Re: Horizontal tube placement

6/7/2000 3:18 AM
Peter S
Re: Horizontal tube placement
Tube retainers are pretty much an absolute neccessity. Some of my early prototypes didnt have them and I had many a tube with a broken off locator pins. Spring and hats work best, but I have an amp I'm using now with Fender style clip retainers, and it seems to work just fine. The convection cooling that results from the horizontal mounting is pretty amazing. The chassis never even gets vaguely warm. It keeps the electrolytics nice and cool too. The compactness is also a great benefit. Dont forget the vents above and below or you lose most of the benefit of the convection. I imagine that if you didnt have good ventilation, you would get a distortion of the geometry of the tube and probably have problems with premature failure.  
Peter S  
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