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Re: Horizontal tube placement

6/7/2000 2:00 AM
Ray Ivers
Re: Horizontal tube placement
It was good to read your post about operating tubes horizontally. I've always been so religious about storing tubes vertically, and I figured that if there were problems with having them horizontal when cold, imagine what must go on when they're HOT! But with your experience and the VHT amps I've seen, I'm going to revise my judgement - which is great, since I've always wanted to use horizontal tubes for compactness. I can also see how they would run cooler, since the heat immediately 'leaves the scene' rather than traveling up along the envelope to heat up the top (or base) of the tube. The VHT's use vents above and below the tubes, and they run nice and cool. I think I would want to use tube retainers, but they are a good idea anyway.  

Peter S Ray, Tube retainers are pr... -- 6/7/2000 3:18 AM