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Re: Horizontal tube placement

6/6/2000 5:00 PM
Peter S
Re: Horizontal tube placement
When I was in the design stages of the Kimerik 50 watt amplifier I did quite a bit of research on this subject. I built protypes with horizontal and vertical orientation. I ended up choosing the horizontal orientation because my amps have a lifetime warranty on them and I wanted to get the best possible reliability from them. As long as you use correct pin orientation when mounting power tubes horizontally there will be no adverse effect on tube life. What the prototypes taught me was that in a properly designed cabinet, the horizontal tubes run MUCH COOLER, due to convection currents set up by the tubes heating of the air around them. This results in a very cool running chassis and tubes that run about 40% cooler than vertically mounted tubes. The same effect could be achieved using a fan only convection cooling has no moving parts, no noise and dosent use power. So far, 14 years later, it is apparent that tube life is not adversely affected by mounting the tubes this way, and may even increase tube life as long as you meet two important Caveats.  
1) Correct pin orientation......the correct pin orientation for horizontal mounting of power tubes can be found on the tube data sheet.  
2)proper venting of the cabinet with a vent above and below the tubes to allow convection currents to flow past the tubes and exit the cabinet.  
Peter S  
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