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Re: Too crazy??

6/2/2000 4:18 PM
Re: Too crazy??
A bit on the edge of crazy. Do you really want to shell for all those OT's and handwire all those sockets? A good Champ can drive 2 12" speakers easily. Maybe a trio of speakers each to 3 outputs.  
Then again, 9 speakers is still hell to wire and keep track of, espescially in terms of polarity issues. You might have hell to go diagnosing a failure in that array.  
Why 9 seperate SE output sections in parallel? might be easier to have all the output tubes linked to a common OT. I can't say I can think of anything that would meet the specs necessary offhand, but one custom job would probably be no more than 9 pipsqueak OT's.  

dave Guys, Thanks for the input! The mai... -- 6/2/2000 6:48 PM