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Re: Can't escape crap distortion

6/1/2000 2:32 PM
Steve M.
Re: Can't escape crap distortion
I actually did this with an OT that came out of a Japanese PA amp. It wasn't that bad, really. Luckily for me, the laminations were stacked together in thirds, and not stacked the opposite way every layer. Everything came apart easily. I ended up using a brass shim to make the gap.  
OTOH, I have a Bogen PA OT that I would like to try this on, but the laminations are stuck fast. I've tried to dislodge the lams, but didn't want to damage the OT, so I gave up on it.  
Steve M.

Stephen Conner q{I've tried to dislodge the lams, ... -- 6/3/2000 11:01 PM