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Why not??! Salvaging amps

5/29/2000 2:17 PM
DominikWhy not??! Salvaging amps
Hi there,  
since my Dumb-le Preamp clone came out ever so nicely, I figured I want a Dumlb-e style combo next time. Money is tight, so I figured how to cough up the money for the chassis etc. Parts (caps resistors) are not that expensive, but trannies etc. can get expensive. So I looked around some in the classifieds and found something interesting: Tweed Fender Blues DeLuxe (200US$) or Laney ProTube 50Watt for 140 US $. I wonder whether the OT and Power Tranny of the Fender Blues Deluxe would get me close on the nessecary voltages. The OP Reverb section would come out of course. The PS of the BluesDeluxe puts out about 427 V DC after the rectifier or so. The schematic does not show the AC output or the current. But since this amp uses two 6L6GC and three 12AX7 (7025) I guess it would be fine. I would strip the chassis bare to sockets, pots and trannies. Put in some lugs or a turret board ( with the exact layout this time) and I could even use the existing preamp out and power amp in sockets. The tweed style Fenders are really what I like comseticallywise so that would be ok as well. Building such a cabinet would be much more expensive.I think that this could really work! What do you think about it??

rmike I have no clue whether the Fender w... -- 5/29/2000 8:03 PM