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Re: Are CRT trannys OK?

5/29/2000 12:59 PM
Re: Are CRT trannys OK?
Hey Steve,  
Tis true - especially the older, pre-solid state rectifier sets - some of these even used two B supplies with two HT windings and separate rectifiers (usually 5U4s) - these are getting pretty scarce nowdays and you're probably aware that there are now "vintage" TV restorers and "vintage" is creeping slowly up into the 1960s (square plywood box with real or fake walnut veneer - what I cut my teeth on).  
As to the monitors - since Patrick stated "CRT" I assumed these were either surplus military or lab units - just a cathode ray tube and its associated power supply and access to the deflection plates and perhaps the cathode - these were used observe all sorts of stuff - modulation monitors, etc. - before DMMs were widely available this was you're most sensitive millivoltmeter - I used these to set the bias on transistor amps in the 70s.  

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