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Re: Max Rectifier Capacitance

5/28/2000 7:17 PM
Re: Max Rectifier Capacitance
Well, my the reasoning behind using a tube rectifier and soo much capacitance is...  
I'm building an SLO-ish clone; high gain, a good amount of filtering is required. Soldano uses 2x110uf caps right after the rectifier (solid state). I've built an SLO clone before and the noise is far less than my Mesa Rectifier which only uses 1x110uf cap after the rectifier (ss or tube) so I decided that I wanted to keep the 2x110uf caps for that issue. Next, I really, really like the softer / saggy sound of a tube rectifier (I use my Mesa with the tube rectifier all the time); I play with moderate high gain and there IS a very audible difference between the ss and tube. So, I decided that I'd use a tube rectifier in this next project.  
Well, that's how I arrived at my decision of tube recto and 2x110uf caps. But so what you're saying is if I do use multiple rectifier tubes and the large input capacitance I'll loose the sound I'm after?  

Peter S You won't lose the sag entriely, bu... -- 5/28/2000 8:04 PM