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Re: Old Styl Dumple OD: ears ringin!

5/25/2000 7:13 AM
DominikRe: Old Styl Dumple OD: ears ringin!
Hi Gil,  
I meant that the 70s channels has less volume compared to the skyliner. I just switch between the outputs of both these channels and the skyliner is louder.  
BTW has anyone experience with 15" speakers for guitar amps?? Right now I use 2 12" in an open back assembly with a 20W 2xEL84 amp driving them. This setup can get mighty loud btw. But when I used the Dumple preamp with my Leslie (15") it was much smoother. I think I heard that SRV played some 15" . What setup did he have??  

Gil Ayan q{Hi Gil,I meant that the 7... -- 5/25/2000 3:51 PM