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Help me understand

5/25/2000 4:57 AM
MorrisHelp me understand
I really am interested using a transformer for phase inversion. I have an interstage transformer I was going to use in an amp I just put together but I went with the long-tailed-pair PI instead. I'm still confused about how to exactly set the whole IT thing up. For example, my IT has the following specs:  
AUDIO INTERSTAGE TRANSFORMER. Equivalent to Stancor A53-C. 1:3 ratio overall. Center tapped secondary may be used for push-pull grids. 10 MA, 10,000 to 90,000 primary to secondary impedance. 2" mounting centers.  
I guess this means if I use it for a PI I'll get a 1.5 voltage gain on each secondary tap. Also, am I right in assuming this is really 10,000 to 45,000 for each secondary tap if I ground the CT on the secondary? How does the loading work here; if I have a 45K load on each secondary tap it will reflect 10K back to the primary? What is the resistance seen at the grids of common output tubes like EL84's? Maybe this idea would work better if we used the IT to split phase and drive a twin triode with their cathodes DC coupled to the output tubes? Please help me understand how to set all of this up. Thanks in advance!