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Re: Old Styl Dumple OD: ears ringin!

5/24/2000 7:35 PM
DominikRe: Old Styl Dumple OD: ears ringin!
I must say that I will try say 390 pF first. My preamp clone did not have any oscillations in the 70s OD channel to begin with. Apart from some hum it is rather quiet. The skyliner channel was more of a problem with oscillations, but that was due to lead dress. The 70s OD is indeed very harsh. It might be the best thing for a band tho. I remember playing thru my Fender Blues DeVille that had a horrfying lead sound (way to harsh and undefined), but in a band situation it sure would cut through. The skyliner channel is much more pleasing to the ear IMHO. I have it almost stock and the 70sOD is totally stock. Funny thing is that I find the Deep switch not very usable at all. The Jazz Rock makes some tremendous changes, but the Deep switch really is only slightly audiable. One thing about the Skyliner is that the OD sound could me more Midrangey in my opinion even with the mid pot almost all the way up. Maybe one should play with different values here (any experiences?)  
One more thing that needs to be fixed:  
There is some hum that bothers me in both channels. I poked around some, but could not find the source really. And the 70sOD has much less gain than the skyliner so the skyliners Masters (Clean Master and OD Master) have to be run rather low.  

Gil Ayan q{I must say that I will try say 39... -- 5/24/2000 8:10 PM