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Dumblelator and other alternatives

5/23/2000 4:50 PM
Graydon Stuckey
Dumblelator and other alternatives
Sorry to say that I have found a better alternative to the Dumblelator on my ODS Clone. First, let me say that I like parallel effects so that the main tone machine is not adulterated by effects. So, I only need a signal-out from my ODSClone. I have found that I get almost no noise and great tone on the outbound signal by running a line from the ODSclone's pre-out to the input of one of my Ground Control GCX's inputs. The GCX has a unity gain buffer preamp, and it works great. I take its output to my effects unit, and from there, the effects get amplified by a JC120head and then into a pair of Fender 2-12 cabs. The ODSClone stays clean and dry, and sounds great. The effects are lush and full, and sound great too. Together, the tone is fantastic.  
That being said, I also have a Dumblelator clone that sounds great too, and works fine with other amps if you want the extra flexibility of the levels on the send and return. But as in any device, you add noise. The GCX adds less noise.  
Graydon Stuckey