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Re: Dumbleator and "Send in the Clones!"

5/23/2000 3:37 PM
Dave B.
Re: Dumbleator and "Send in the Clones!"
Correct me if I'm wrong but, If you've already decided that the dumbleator will be in your signal path It's not making the amp more complex to install it internally is it? In fact it's a simpler design since your using an existing power supply and decoupling to supply the Dumbleator. Less parts. plus the signal isn't going thru jacks & cables out side the amp. The dumbleator is simply a tube buffered effects loop, right? Lots of amp have them or they get installed later. I guess I just don't see the mojo behind having an external effects loop.  
To me it was an afterthought by dumble so he could sell dumbleator to all the players that have his amps.  
Yea, I know your probally right am I'm probally wrong but some of us just have to learn the hard way. If it turns out totally crappy I'll be the first to let you know and humbly apologise. But so far no one has given me a sound technical reason why  
a tube buffered loop should be outside of the amp.  
I'm all ears!  

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