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Re: Dumble Clone Parts: Trannies etc...

5/23/2000 5:46 AM
Dave B.
Re: Dumble Clone Parts: Trannies etc...
So far it sounds like Twin style trannies (or Maybe that new sensor MPT-100), 12" EV speaker, and no reverb are the way to go.  
Graydon Stuckley is building the chassis for me. I want the tubes on top, English style, (less heat destuction)and an extra preamp tube. (I want to install the dumulator internally)  
So I need a 4 ohm 12" EV or get an OT with an 8 ohm tap (like the magic parts one)  
I have been doing some experimenting with very satisfying results. I built a tube distortion pedal(similar to the matchless hot box)  
with three 12ax7's. I put a regulated power supply in it and the Dumble circuit. For the OD section I tried the skyliner, a bandaxall tone stack, even a tweed deluxe type tone stack. Finally I tried the old style OD section(with .0035 across the last plate resistor to keep from ripping my ears out) and wow! Playing thru my EV equiped princton reverb, I'm sounding like Robben (if I could only play like him!). The skyliner EQ does give you a Marshally vibe, but the original OD circuit really sings! I've never such a vocal tone before. I can't wait to hear it in the entire circuit. However I really happy with my little dumb-pedal. I've modified this thing for five years (even had a SLO 100 circuit in there)and I'm finally satisfied with th it.Can't wait to play live with it!  
Thanks for the insightful comments, if anyone has an EV they want to sell or trade let me know.  
Dave B.

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