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Dumble Clone Parts: Trannies etc...

5/22/2000 11:23 PM
Dave B.
Dumble Clone Parts: Trannies etc...
A few ampagers talked me out of Modding my Princton Reverb into a Dumble clone so I'm starting down the clone trail.  
I've got someone working on the chassis but I need some other parts.  
1) transformers: I've talked to other cloners who've used Hoffman trannies for their clones. Are those the same trannies that new sensor sells or does Hoffman have his special made? I looked at the new sensor trannies and the OT for a twin only has a 4 ohm tap. I think the Hoffman has a 4 & 8 ohm tap. They're sure alot more expensive though.  
What's the best trannies for a Dumble clone?  
2)Speaker: a dumble cloner is telling me a 12" EV, I'm thinking 15" EV. What's best for that Robben Ford sound?  
3)If you were going to add reverb, what circuit would you use?  
I've got a handle on the rest of the parts but any insight would be truely apriciated.  
Thanks for the help, another Fender has been saved.  
Dave B.

Carl Z Dave;From what I ca... -- 5/23/2000 12:30 AM