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Re: Bob's octave fun

10/17/2000 5:29 PM
Re: Bob's octave fun
I've done 2 mods to my octaver. The first mod is to put a 0.1 uf poly cap between the V+ and the ground. It should be as close as possible to the actual chip, ideally straddling it from the V+ on the one side to the V- / ground on the other. This prevents oscillation and lowers the amount of noise. The second mod is to add an extra gain control, the traditional LM386 style. Connect the positive side of a 10 uf 16 V electrolytic to pin 8 and connect a 100K pot between the negative side of the cap and pin 1. With this mod, you can really give is a hell of an output boost, plus more easily change just how fuzzy the signal is. Hope that's of some help.  

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