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Re: "Spirit in the Sky" Fuzz

10/15/2000 6:29 PM
Re: "Spirit in the Sky" Fuzz
I recently had the privilege to have communicated with Mr. Norman Greenbaum,the writer and guitarist of "Spirit in the Sky" and asked him what kind of fuzz he used,and he told me he didnt use a fuzz,the sound came from a modification that his road tech had done to his GUITAR internally.He said he had no idea what his tech had installed in it,as he no longer had the guitar.I have been on a quest,so to speak;on also trying to find that sound,but I think you would have to get some kind of information from whatever was available in those days to do that kind of modification.Until then,I am still researching this and if I come up with the answer,Ill post it.

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