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The feel-good gig of the month

10/3/2000 11:51 AM
The feel-good gig of the month
Last Sunday I played an outdoor blues fest and since I had the gear in the car, went to jam night at the local blues dive. Anyhoo..I was put up on stage with another player who had a PRS and a Line-6, probably about 3 grand of gear!  
I was playing a Harmony Stratotone with a tele neck stuck on it, a low gain Fuzz Face that I built a while back, and a BF'd silverface Bassman head through a silvertone twin 12 cabinet -300 bucks worth of gear.  
I used the FF with the gain pretty high up and just backed off the vol. on the guitar to get that gritty clean tone for rhythm and when I'd solo, just turn up for the liquid sustain that never ends.  
Needless to say, the other guy sounded like a two-pound mosquito with asthma! I kind of felt sorry for him.  
I love it when that happens :D

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