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help building pads

8/26/2000 5:55 PM
help building pads
Hi folks, amazing how hard it is to turn up this info on the net. So I turn to you guys...  
I recently came into some old altec 438 compressors and need to pad down the output of the units.  
What I'd like to do is hook up a 600 ohm pot and use it as a master volume, but can find one of those, let alone 4...  
So, I need to build a T pad. Only problem is I dont know how to build this relatively simple circuit.  
Anyone out there with advice on how to build a T pad or another alternative to adding a master volume control to a 600 ohm balanced tube device?  
any help is appreciated.  

aron You can take a pot, wire a resistor... -- 8/27/2000 4:13 AM