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A possible sub for "Fuzz Face" AC128 - the GE53?

8/21/2000 2:08 AM
A possible sub for "Fuzz Face" AC128 - the GE53?
I recently came across a batch of old GE-53 germanium transistors. They seem to be nearly identical in operation to the AC128 (the voltages and amperages are all in the same range, the gain is slightly lower, but still suitable if you get an upper end transistor (typical hfe (measured) is 50-110))....How come I have never seen these mentioned before as possible subs for AC128's? Are they inconveniently rare? Is there something about them the "experts" know that I don't? Any insight into this would be appreciated. Also, if anyone has or can obtain a spec sheet for the GE-53, please E-mail me, Thanx.  

R.G. There isn't any magic type number. ... -- 8/21/2000 3:10 AM