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Re: My 2 cents

8/18/2000 7:03 PM
Doug H
Re: My 2 cents
"Wow! I will give this a try then! But my Sweet Thing isn't going anywere."
Understand what I'm saying here. There's nothing particularly special about the ElectaBurner. It's just designed with my complete signal path in mind and the intention is to bring out the best in this particular amp with these particular mods, by pushing it on the front end. It's not meant to be generic for use with any amp (although it may work with others) or as a DI device.  
It's just basically a ST or Booster 2.5 with thinner coupling caps, lower stage gains and no tone stack. The dual pot gives you more "headroom" and forces real amp overdrive to occur. Just a cheap and easy (cheezy?;-) way of giving me another gain stage without adding a tube (which I may do anyway).  

Eric H q{It's just basically a ST or Boost... -- 8/20/2000 7:38 AM