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My 2 cents

8/18/2000 4:45 PM
Doug H
My 2 cents
Enjoying the discussion, good comments all. Here's my 2 cents:  
1. The orig ST circuit sounds better on a brighter amp like a fender or a clean transistor amp. This is due to the way it fattens up the tone.  
2. The new ST circuit is meant for a fatter amp (like my baby marshall), because the orig circuit was too muddy for that.  
3. From my experience, running these jfet stages at a real low gain gives a real muddy tone and a farty distortion. I don't know how Jake's doing it with his Clean Machine, but I'm sure I'm missing something somewhere.  
4. R.G.'s advice about 12db per stage and 4-6 padded stages is wonderful (and correct), but with these jfets and 9-40v you only have so many cards to play with. If you can use a simpler circuit and get endless sustain and the tone you want, why not? I've breadboarded multiple stages and toyed with different voltage levels but in the end I don't hear a big difference between that and a simple 9V 2 stage jfet circuit.  
5. If R.G. or anyone else who understands PCB design would like to design a ST layout, be my guest, I would welcome it and it won't hurt my feelings.  
FWIW, I don't use my ST anymore and am thinking of gutting it so I can re-use the box. Have to set my tube amp clean to get a decent sound with it and then it sounds sterile. The ElectaBurner is a better booster, and that's the sort of thing I'm interested in now. I guess I've ruined myself and can't go back...;-)  

Jake q{From my experience, running these... -- 8/18/2000 5:52 PM