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Something Else to Consider

8/16/2000 11:57 AM
Doug H
Something Else to Consider
Well, okay... If you guys are intent on doing this...;-) Anyway, here's something to consider:  
If you're going to install this internally in the amp and use the 400VDC power supply, why limit yourself to 9V?  
I've experimented with using 18V to power the ElectaBurner on the breadboard and the results are interesting. You will get more headroom and more drive tone subtleties with a higher supply voltage.  
You may not get the high gain drive you want, but maybe you could switch between different voltage levels for different tones. I would suggest experimenting with it on a breadboard, and finding the voltage level you like before making it a permanent "fixture" in your amp. Just make sure you stay below 40V (for the J201's).