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Re: IRF510 sucks for distortion as amplifier

8/14/2000 7:38 PM
Re: IRF510 sucks for distortion as amplifier
>I've tried them in a 2 stage cascode arrangement, similar to the booster2 or something.  
I've tried this about a year ago with BS170s but that didn't sound too good either. Oh well....  
>They don't seem to develop enough gain on their own to be used like that.  
I managed to get it to distort alright - actually a lot - just not "good" distortion or good sustain/compression.  
>Try subbing them in the output stage of your Shaka circuit and see how that works.  
I will try this as well.  
>I just thought of another tip: make sure you run a 1M feedback resistor from drain to gate.  
Hmmm, I can try this.