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Re: Doug's idea...

8/14/2000 3:25 PM
Doug H
Re: Doug's idea...
One of the original goals of the Electaburner was to build an external box that would not require you to muck around and physically modify your amp chassis and etc... The idea was it would be easier, simpler, faster, no high voltage, etc, and you could still exploit the "marshallness" of the amp somewhat.  
Don't mean to sound like a "tube snob", but I wouldn't go to the trouble of sticking on another knob, providing 9v power, sticking the pc board in the chassis somewhere, etc, for this little transistor circuit. If it were me, and I wanted to go to the trouble of installing another circuit internal to the amp, I would consider going the whole route and installing another 12AX7 preamp tube in there instead.  
FWIW, that's exactly what I'm considering right now. I've done some preliminary rough testing and I think the existing power xformer can handle another tube. I think I'm going to try it, the preamp out hole could be drilled out for another tube socket and there's plenty of room for a "daughter" card for the  
extra tube circuit components. I was thinking of another gain stage and a cathode follower to drive the tone stack but hey, this thread should probably be continued on Ampage.;-) If I'm successful I'll post the results on my site.