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Re: IRF510 sucks for distortion as amplifier

8/14/2000 11:57 AM
Re: IRF510 sucks for distortion as amplifier
Aron I should have given you a write up. The two mosfet overdrive is very mosfet sensitive. I used power mosfets. It does not have a alot of gain however it will smooth out a Transistor amp IMO. The input cap of the devices is high so the lowpass action can be heard and "tuned" with the source R. Using an fuzz/dist before is a fun thing to do. For you I would use it as a building block. Try some very low RDS resistance Drain to source power devices under 1ohm.

Doug H q{the input cap of the devices is h... -- 8/14/2000 12:17 PM
aron I used the IRF510 which are power m... -- 8/14/2000 7:43 PM